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I often debated if I should upload videos to a FaceBook Fan Page or just post the YouTube link on my FaceBook timeline. YouTube is the top visited video site and the second largest search engine. I especially like categorizing videos in YouTube's playlist option, which makes it easy for browsers to search for a particular video.

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Google looks at over 200 items to determine if a website will come up in a browser's search query. Google will never tell you these factors but most experts have a good idea of what the main items are. Not all the factors are equally important. However there are few items that have the biggest search impact. Lets take a look.

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When I write website content, I make every word count and have the readers in mind. Often I find many sites containing what I call website fluff. When I realize the fluff, I start to hear the sound of Charlie Brown's teacher would make..waaa..waaa..waaa. If the content that adds nothing to better explain what a product or service is about, then leave it out.

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Machine Tool Dealer MarketingIf you're a machine tool dealer representative, your website can be a great way to support your sales staff and generate sales leads. Since dealership operate in a defined geographical location, they are more likely to come up in a search for that area.

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Because of limited resources, it is difficult for these size companies to manage their marketing activities which have expanded with the popularity of websites, e-newsletters, social networks and search engine...

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