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embarassedIs your website old, poorly designed and not up on the times. Then there is a good chance your customers, co-workers and friends are probably saying the following:

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web designAs a business owner or marketing manager, how do know if you have a good website? Do people tell you based on design of your site? If your business sells a service or product, a good website will generate sales leads from the site. How is this done? 

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In late 2010 Google changed its algorithm to include more local results in the search engine results page. For example, Google pizza and your organic results will include Dominoes, Pizza Hut & Papa Johns. However, Google knows you are most likely not looking for these websites and are probably searching for local a pizza delivery business. Because of this, they will also include a Places results of nearby pizza businesses.

If you search on a home computer, these nearby results are based on your computer's ISP address. If you are searching on a smart phone like a Android or iPhone, the results are normally (but not always) based on your GPS location. Browsers can also search by a keyword or phrase followed by a zip code or city name to trigger these local Google Places results. If you are a local business or represent products in a defined region, you need to be found in the local searches. Your website should include geo tags that will improve the probability of your website showing up in local searches. Claiming and optimizing your Google, Yahoo & Bing local listing will also help you show up in local results.

Got questions about optimizing your website for local search or claiming your Google or Yahoo Places page, contact me (PJ Naughton) by calling or texting me at 847-532-0812.

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Google localsClaiming your local business in Google Maps Listing is a must for today's local businesses. By claiming your listing you increase your company's visibility on a local Google search which can mean more business. Here's how it works: go to: http://maps.google.com in the Google Maps type in your business name and the city it is located in next to your business listing click on more info in the upper right corner click on Business Owner? sign into your GMail account, if you do not have one follow this link click on Edit My Business Listing, then continue and fill out the necessary info about your company Google will then give you two options to verify your business, click on the phone option after entering your business telephone,

Google will place an automatic call and issue a verification code, write down the code and enter into your account. you have now claimed your Google Business listing, which will help you rank better in local searches to increase your local search position, have loyal customers give you a good Google Review.

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Because of limited resources, it is difficult for these size companies to manage their marketing activities which have expanded with the popularity of websites, e-newsletters, social networks and search engine...

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