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Tradeshow StressTrade show events can be fun and exciting but also very stressful especially with larger custom or rental exhibits that display equipment and machinery. Long days on your feet, late night dinners, and lack of sleep can create stress. You can reduce your trade show stress by reading the following the advice.

1. Delegate?. Don’t do everything yourself. Rely on your trade show exhibit company for your exhibit transportation, installation/dismantling, service ordering and fellow employees for setting up product demos, hospitality events and lead management.

2. Confirm your services ahead of time. ?Confirm ahead of time with the show association, show contractor and exhibit hall that your electrical and plumbing services, card readers, and other services and have been received. Bring along a hard copy of your ordered services just case there is an unexpected issue.

3. Have a company a representative in your booth for the move in.? By scheduling a company rep. in your booth during the show move-in, you can avoid many potential problems. The rep. should also have the cell phone number of your trucker bringing in the exhibit and displayed products in case there is a delay or issue. Your rep. can also confirm that electrical, plumbing and carpet has been laid before the exhibit and equipment arrives. If exhibiting equipment, the rep. can show the riggers where it needs to be set in the booth.

4. Store items important items in your booth or close by. ?For example, if you exhibit machinery, keep a set of tools, and machine locks inside the booth or in easy access storage. Once the show closes, you can start packing up your equipment right away without waiting for crates to come back from storage.

5. Don’t wait to the last day of the show to make your move out arrangements?Start making your move out arrangements at least two days before the show ends. The last day of the show is always chaotic as people are eager pack up and leave the show. Move out arrangements include paying your show invoices at the convention hall service desk, obtaining your bill of lading (which is your pass to get out of the show), and scheduling company personnel to pack up your machinery or exhibited products.

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Trade shows are going through a marketing rebirth thanks to social media marketing, web 2.0 techniques, tablet computers and smart phones. In the past a trade show manager’s work was completed once the show opened. Some trade show marketers even left the show once it started. Thanks to these new marketing techniques, a trade show manager’s work is just beginning. During the show, they can now post videos on YouTube, blog, Tweet and post show updates on Facebook. Trade show managers can further market their exhibit & products using these techniques with the help their show attendees. A smart trade show manager will use these new marketing techniques and encourage attendees to take exhibit photos & videos in their exhibit and share them over the Internet. I know some companies want to control their marketing message but with today’s web2.0 marketing tools and smart phones, the horse has already left the barn. Why not embrace the idea of others helping you market your products and services. Consider putting up a sign in your exhibits that reads “No permission required to take photos and videos. We even encourage you to share them on your social networks.” Worried about attendees posting bad quality photos & videos of your product? Most poor quality photos and videos on the Internet are are result of bad lighting. If your exhibit is properly lit, it will vastly improve the quality of the photos and videos taken in your exhibit. You can reward attendees who share your products or services on their social networks by offering a drink, or a trade show hand-out. If an attendee has very large social media following or high Klout score, be sure to give them the red carpet treatment, since they have a large digital footprint and can further spread your marketing message. Also post QR tags in your booth to make easier for attendees to share their findings with fellow co-workers. With today’s social media sharing, you no longer have to rely only on yourself or on trade publications to write about your product or service.
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Exhibiting at Chicago’s McCormick Place can be a bit overwhelming since it’s the largest convention center in the United States. This presentation contains tips for navigating your way around McCormick Place's 2.6 million sq. ft. of exhibit halls.

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LinkedIn HeaderHave you noticed the new images at the top of LinkedIn profiles? It's a new feature LinkedIn added earlier this year. Initially it was only available to premium members but now anyone can add a header image. Adding a LinkedIn header image is a great way for your profile to stand out. If you are not sure if you have the header image feature yet, then check out your profile. If you have a big blue rectangle and the Edit Background button above your normal profile, you are ready to upload your image. You can upload your own image (1400 x 400 pixels) or use one of the LinkedIn stock images. I added an image related to my business.

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