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Why BlogWhat is a blog? A blog is part of a website with frequent commentaries about events, products or services. The blogger is a person who writes the blog. Blogs are short, consisting of around 250 words and normally includes a photo. Most blogs are interactive, allowing readers to leave comments and this interactivity makes a blog different from a static website. Blogs can be delivered to a subscriber's e-mail box or iGoogle page via a RSS feed. In the past, only magazine or newspaper editors could write about new products or services but with blogs anyone can now voice their opinions.

Why blog? Blogs are a good way to express your opinions, educate readers or promote yourself as an industry expert. They also add fresh new content to your website. Google loves new website content and will reward your website by indexing it more often resulting in improved search results. Blogs are indexed by search engines almost immediately after they are posted, unlike a new web page which can take up to 2 weeks to be indexed. WordPress and Blogger are the most common blog platforms and can be easily added to a website. Summary: If you plan on starting a blog, include content that will educate or enlighten your readers but don't make the mistake of turning your blog into a sales pitch.

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TitleTagsNot having descriptive title tags on your web pages is the most common mistake made by web designers. Title tags show on the top of your web browser. They are one of the most important factors in achieving a high search engine ranking for a particular word or phrase. Since not all web designers and marketing managers are search engine optimization (SEO) experts, they miss this vital Internet marketing opportunity.

Title tags should be unique for each web page and are a maximum of 70 characters long. Each title tag should describe what is on the web page. The ideal title tags are words web browsers would use to find your products or services. Place the most important keywords towards the front your title tag. If you are a local business, it's a good idea to add geo tags to your titles. Words in the title tag show up as a click-able link in the Google, Yahoo & Bing search engine results page (SERP). By changing them, you will probably see an increase in your website traffic as soon as the search engine indexes the page.

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LinkedInWhile on LinkedIn, I noticed that many profiles use the same corporate jargon terms that really don't make much sense. When I see these cliche terms and phrases, it makes me think of the movie Office Space or the Dwight character from the TV show The Office. Below are a list of the most overused and stupid descriptive profile terms I've seen on LinkedIn. strategic thinker thought leader problem solver detailed orientated proven track record team player hard worker dynamic player willing to go the distance award winning Honorable mentions: next generation solutions, & diverse background

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Smart phones like the Apple iPhone & Android will change the way attendees collect information at trade shows. Smart exhibitors will realize this and place QR codes on their product ID stands and link it to the appropriate website product page. (This is especially helpful for technical equipment/machinery displayed the IMTS, Fabtech, and Pack Expo show.) The attendee can scan the code, view the product specs on their smart phone and share the hyperlink with co-workers. You can also add QR codes to business cards so your contact information it automatically transferred onto the smart phone’s contact list. For more information fill out the form to the right or call me PJ Naughton at 847-532-0812.

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Because of limited resources, it is difficult for these size companies to manage their marketing activities which have expanded with the popularity of websites, e-newsletters, social networks and search engine...

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