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SlideShareSlideshare is a free web tool that makes it possible to share PowerPoint, PDF and other files on the Internet. #1. Why use Slideshare? Salesmen can use them as online product presentations. No need to e-mail a large Power Point Presentation that your recipient may not be able to open. Since the files reside on the cloud, anyone with a web browser can view the files. The files are indexed by the search engines and within the SlideShare network.

What should I share? Power Points and literature are the most common types of files uploaded to SlideShare. If the viewer has a SlideShare account, they have the option to download the file unless the author restricts the download. A SlideShare subscription is required to do this.

View my "About Me" slideShare presentation below.



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Machine ShopMany U.S. machine shops do not participate in today's web2.0 marketing trends like search engine optimization, FaceBook, YouTube, blogging, link building and e-mail marketing. Some machine shops still don't have a web site which I think is a mortal marketing sin. I often wonder why are they are so reluctant to this Internet marketing change.

I think many don't understand it, some think it's a waste of time and others don't have the in-house people to manage it. After all, they are skilled machinist who spend their time on the shop floor machining precise parts on complex CNC machining equipment. Since many metal cutting machine shops are not web2.0 marketing savvy, this gives other machine shops a distinct marketing advantages over their competition. The more often a shop shows up for Google searches like metal stamping dies, injection molds, dove tail form tools or any other related search, the better chance they have of making a new sale and expanding their business.

As a Internet marketing consultant (with 20+ machine tool experience), I provide affordable marketing solutions for machine, mold and die shops. If you like to find out how you can better market your machining services online, contact PJ Naughton at 847-532-0812, e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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FormsThere are no on-page forms to request a quote, or pricing. Your website should be your #1 source for generating sales leads. However many websites contain no on-page product forms to request a quote, or pricing. On-page request forms should require a minimal amount information needed to contact the customer. If you advertise in trade journals, your call to action can direct readers to your website product section to fill out an on-page request form. QR tags can also guide readers to a specific product page. If your website is not generating sales leads, then it is being under-utilize.

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LI Company Profile

Did you know you can add your company profile to LinkedIn? By adding your company profile to the LinkedIn network, you are extending your marketing reach to potential customers. Employees can also learn more about your company and the people who work there. Follow these steps to claim and build out your LinkedIn company profile .

1. sign into your LinkedIn account
2. in the search box, change people to companies & type in your company name
3. if your company is not listed, click on "Add a company profile"
4. add your company, your company e-mail address & check the box "I verify that I am the official representative of this company…"
5. LinkedIn will then send you a e-mail verification to claim your company listing

Once your listing is verified via e-mail, you can click on the Admin tools - edit and build out your company profile. You can also add your RSS blog, Twitter feed and info. about your company products or services.

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Because of limited resources, it is difficult for these size companies to manage their marketing activities which have expanded with the popularity of websites, e-newsletters, social networks and search engine...

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