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How to know if you have a good website?

web designAs a business owner or marketing manager, how do know if you have a good website? Do people tell you based on design of your site? If your business sells a service or product, a good website will generate sales leads from the site. How is this done? 

First of all your each item you sell should have its own page. Do not lump several product together on one page. This page should then be optimized for this particular product or service. The optimization process should include the popular words/phrases that browsers are using to find your products and not the words/phrases you want or think browsers to search for. The keywords should be optimized in the title tag, URL, meta tags, titles, alt tags as well as the product description. By optimizing your website, you increase the probability of it showing up in the SERP (search engine result pages). What is your web site's page rank? Assuming two similar sites are both equally optimized, which one will have the higher Google ranking? The one with the higher page rank will come up higher in the SERP. Page Rank is a number 1-10 that Google assigns websites based on the importance or popularity of a site. Ten is the highest page rank a website can achieve. For example Google, Apple, Adobe, and NASA all have a page rank of 10. A good website will have a page rank of 4 or higher.

You can improve your page rank by getting more sites with good page ranks to link to your site. This process is called link building. Click here to check your website's page rank. Link Building Strategy. You can build links into your sites by subscribing to free and paid directories. Posting answers and comments with your website link in forums or blogs. Submitting press releases trade publications who in return post them to their site, and article directories like EZines or Squidoo. Capturing Sales Leads. A good website will capture sales leads. In order to do this, each product or service listed on your site should have a short submission form for browsers to request either more information, pricing or a RFQ. The submission form should be located near the product description. A confirmation e-mail should be sent to the browser describing that a salesman will reply to their request within 24 hours. Summary. A good website includes several items. They should have a clean design, be easy to navigate, optimized for keyword/phrases, have a good page rank, contain good helpful content but most of all they should capture sales leads.

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