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Here's my social media presentation that I presentation for the AMT IMTS2014 online seminar.

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Exhibiting at IMTS? Be sure to read over my IMTS trade show planning presentation for helpful exhibit planning and marketing tips.

Memory Stick  
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LED and Plasma displays are great ways to play your latest trade show product videos or presentations. At one time, you needed a laptop computer or DVD player next to each display in order to play your presentation. This was a hassle especially if you had multiple screens because it required the laptop or media player, and connection cables for each screen. Today, your presentation can be loaded onto a memory stick, inserted into the LED or plasma screen’s USB port and looped so it plays continuously throughout the show.

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While driving to a show like IMTS,Housewares or NRA, your heart starts to pound with excitement as the massive McCormick Place buildings come into view. You then realize what lot should I park in so I can minimize my walk from the parking lot to my booth. This all depends on which building your exhibit is located in.

LakeSide Center?. If your exhibit is located in the Lakeside Center (the big ugly black building next to Lake Michigan), park in Lot C. Located just south of the LakeSide Center, Lot C is a two level underground lot with 1,900 available parking spaces. Be sure to note which level you have parked at and the color coded parking location. Parking is also available in the Soldier Field parking lot located on the north end of the LakeSide Center.

North Building. ?If your exhibit is located in the North Building, park in Lot A. If possible park on level 4, since this is the exhibit level and there will be no need to use the elevators. You can also park in the Hyatt Regency Garage. It will cost a little bit more but offers a shorter walk to the North Building.

South Building? Exhibitors with booths in the South Building can park in parking Lot A, or B. Parking in Hyatt Regency Garage will cost a little bit more but offers a shorter walk to the South Building. McCormick Parking Tips?

1. note your parking location on your ticket ?2. if there no attendant on duty, carry your parking ticket with you and pay the parking fee at the automated parking machines located outside the parking exit doors on level 4? 3. parking fees can be paid by cash or credit card; VISA, MasterCard and American Express ?4. be sure to get a receipt ?5. McCormick Place parking rate is $19 for up to 16 hours and $30 from 16 to 24 hours? 6. there are no in-and-out privileges.? 7. overnight parking is available in Lot A only ?8. lost tickets will pay the $30 fee per day? 9. for some exhibitors, taking a cab or hotel shuttle maybe a more convenient option? 

iPads at TradeShows  
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iPads are a perfect fit for trade shows. They are the trade show bug zappers that draw attention from show attendees. iPads are portable, easy to use, always connected to the Internet, and have a long battery life . iPads are a guaranteed way to draw attention to your exhibit. Below are 5 ways you can utilize an iPad at your next trade show.

#1: On-the-go iPad product demos. iPads are a great way to show YouTube product videos and SlideShare Power Point presentations. Exhibitors can carry the iPad all over the booth, no electricity needed because of its 10 hour battery life. Thanks to the iPad’s touchscreen product demos can be done quickly and intuitively.

#2: Share your literature, on an iPad. You no longer need to transport massive of amounts of literature to a trade show. Show attendees can view your literature on the iPad. If requested, the literature can be e-mailed on the spot.

#3: Sell items on an iPad. Thanks to Square Up, your iPad can be used to take on the spot credit card payments. Accept credit card payments anywhere with your , iPad,iPhone or Android phone with the Square Up app.

#4: Run a Contest on an iPad. iPrize Wheel is a new game wheel app that turns your iPad or iPad 2 into a portable game wheel, customizable. When attendees spin the wheel, they are prompted to enter their name and email address (and a phone number, which is optional). Therefore, at the end of the day, this app can also help you to generate additional subscribers to your email list.

#5: Retrieve leads on an iPad Bartizan iLeads is the first lead retrieval app on the market and is the recipient of the 2010 Breakthrough Award from TSEA. Using the easy touch screen display, exhibitors can enter attendees badge numbers, and then they are prompted to add a note, a qualifier or to take a survey.

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New year resolution  
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If one of your 2016 New Year's resolutions is to improve you online web presence, now is a good time to get the conversation started. Google loves websites that are well designed, have great content, fantastic SEO, and related websites linking into them. Business owners value websites that generate leads which turn into sales. Google also ranks all web pages on a scale of 0-10. If your website is a 0,1,2, it means your site could use some improvement. If your goal is to generate web based sales leads and show up in more often Google searches, then give me a call at 847-532-0812 to get the conversation started.


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