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Why I Like working TradeShows

TradeShow MarketingRecently I worked my first IMTS trade show since 2008 and I had the time of my life. I mean I thoroughly enjoyed it. As an independent marketing consultant, I often work by myself. At IMTS, I worked with a team of salesmen and engineers from KGK and Seibu Electric. It was a great experience organizing the team where they looked to you for direction and leadership. There were no egos on this team but a group of guys willing to do whatever it takes to have a successful show.

When I worked my last IMTS show social media didn't exist like we know it. Once the show started, my cell phone was always in my hand. When I wasn’t talking with attendees, I took the opportunity to consistently take exhibit photos and videos while posting them with hash tags to the company's social networks like FaceBook, Twitter & Instagram. I hired a professional speaker to give live presentations and encouraged show attendees to take photos/videos of her and our exhibit and post them to their own social networks. Between presentations, I had our speaker do shorter product presentations that I videod on a HD video camera where I’ll posted to the company's YouTube Channel. Since we had LED spots on the products, the video lighting was near perfect so the videos looked pristine.

As an Internet marketing consultant, I really enjoy working at trade shows. There's a buzz in the air, enjoy meeting new people, working with a team and the home run is getting attendees in the booth and generating business.

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